Sorry everyone for being so out of touch this past term. I've been busy finishing my degree and RL just got a bit too hectic. I'm going to be travelling in China starting in Jan. and there is a strong chance that LJ will be banned there, at least some of the time.

Unfortunately, LJ just hasn't been a huge part of my life these past few months and I don't have the time to dedicate to running communities anymore. The past few challenges have also been lackluster in terms of modding and submissions.

It's sad that I have to give the community up so soon after chacusha lovingly gave it to me and I'm terribly sorry for letting her down but sadly, I'm going to have to either close the community or hand it off. Below is the form chacusha used when she stepped down. Please fill it out if you have any interest in running the community.



I just wanted to make an announcement that because this round is a rumble and doesn't have elimination, I'm going to pump out the remaining challenges every week regardless of how many people end up entering. There will be some rule changes to accomodate the low participation.

1. If there are less than six icons for voting, there will only be one People's Choice.
2. If there are less than three icons, there will be no voting.
3. There will no longer be Bonus icon challenges for each week.
4. Points will still be the same for voting and entering.
5. Challenges will end and start every Sunday.

Thank you everyone and I hope to see more entries soon.

ROUND 14; challenge five reminder!

I'M SO SORRY FOR BEING SUCH A TERRIBLE MOD AND DISAPPEARING FOR TWO WEEKS! Start of school has been very hectic and I'm in my last semester with an 18 credit courseload which is very daunting. Anyways, we only have three entries for this round so far so please get iconing! Voting will start when we have at least six entries.

Enter here.
Thank you!

ROUND 14; results four!

by (+8 pts.)

by (+6 pts.)

by (+4 pts.)

by (+4 pts.)

1. The points in the brackets are what you won, not how many votes you received.
2. Comment to this post for you concrits from voting.
3. Points have now been updated for challenge three.

Reminder to continue submitting to challenge five. We currently have one entry and could really use a lot more. =)